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Moni Jar is a platform for groups of people to conveniently come together to watch a “virtual” jar grow towards collective goal.

What can this goal be you ask?, Anything you want it to be. Do you and your siblings want to save for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? Start a Jar, or how about that Bachelorette party next year? Start a Jar, or how about that cross country trip you and your friends have always wanted to do? Start a Jar.


Moni Jar let’s you easily save in a number of different ways. You can set recurring payments to be made, you can round up you debit/credit car transactions to save every time you pay for something, or you can just drop in those dollars and quarters you randomly find in your pocket. The choice is yours.


Our aim is to help others achieve their goals, in a convenient, simple and fun way. Not only can you save and monitor your own Moni Jar but you can see what some of your friends and family members are saving for and encourage them to reach that goal and if you want maybe even drop some Moni into their Jar! The idea is have an interactive saving experience that allows people to get excited about saving. 

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This idea originated after a early morning discussion about saving for a trip post-pandemic. Like so many other people we wanted to go escape after the stresses of the past year. We realized the only options we had were to save individually or to start a join bank account. Both options seemed less then ideal for what we wanted, so the idea of Moni Jar came about.

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